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We prepare our cases for trial. Because of this, the vast majority of our cases are resolved outside of court. Due to the dollar amounts involved, the railroads have conditioned these settlements on confidentiality clauses. Although we would prefer that the settlement amounts be matters of public record, we also recognize that our clients have the absolute right to accept confidentiality in exchange for the financial security that comes with a fair settlement. Because of these agreements, we cannot publish the recoveries obtained by most of the clients represented by The Reddy Law Firm.

Below are a few examples of the outcomes we've achieved, and client testimonials.



This is our mission:

Our mission is to inform and protect hard working railroaders and their families.  Injured railroaders are not protected by, and will not receive workers’ compensation benefits. Our"Claim agents work hard to protect the railroad. We’re here to protect you." experience shows this: railroads will not accept responsibility for an employee injury unless they have to. As soon as an injury occurs, railroad management and claims department teams rally forces to avoid financial responsibility and look for ways to blame the injured worker. We are here to balance the scales and restore fairness. You and your family ought to have nothing less. We are committed to using our knowledge, skills, and experience to provide the legal protections our clients and their families deserve.

This is how we achieve it:

We like being trial attorneys and we prepare for trial.  Railroads rejoice when a worker hires a law firm that they believe will sit back, not adequately prepare for trial, and all along plan on settling. Railroads know that is not how we operate and they do not smile when we take a case. To be sure, many times settlement is the wise option. In fact, the vast majority of our clients choose to accept the settlement offers we obtain. But, when negotiations are not fair and we say we’ll try the case for our client, we’re not bluffing and the railroad knows it.

We will not dodge your calls. Perhaps the most common complaint we hear about lawyers is that they will not return phone calls. Understandably, there are times when a lawyer may not be available at the precise time you call, but that shouldn’t mean phone calls go unanswered. We insist that client calls be returned as soon as possible. In fact we’ll go a step further. Our clients will be given the cell phone number of the lawyer(s) assigned to their case (our competitors do not like this). If necessary, you will be able to talk to us outside of regular business hours. You are on call 24/7, we can be too.

We will not accept mediocrity for our clients.  We want a lasting relationship with our clients. To achieve this, we realize we have to go beyond just “acceptable” levels of service. We will come to a potential client’s home or anywhere else convenient for a free, no pressure, and no obligation consultation. The issues in your case will be explained to you and your questions answered. Should you hire us you, will be kept informed throughout the process. You will not be charged attorney fees unless you are paid a settlement or verdict.  When your case is resolved, we will not be happy unless you feel you would recommend us to a family member or friend.

Our clients, not us, decide whether to accept a settlement or not. We do not accept, and will not tolerate clients being unfairly pressured into either accepting a settlement or proceeding to trial if that is not what they want to do. We will offer counsel and answer all questions, but our clients own their cases, we don’t.  In the end, the decision is yours-no exceptions.

Our Federal Employers’ Liability Act litigation team is led by Brian Reddy.  Brian will  play an active role in working your case and keeping you fully informed.

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